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It’s the hottest barre workout in the world!! We start out this one hour calorie scorcher with a 10 minute warmup, followed by arm toning circuits using 3-4lb weights. We will then move over to the barre and work through a seamless flow of movements focusing on glutes, quads, hamstrings and more! Bootybarre also includes several cardio intervals to get that heart pumping! We finish up with abdominals and stretching leaving no muscle untouched!! All levels are welcome as modifications are given in every class! We pride ourselves on standing behind the bootybarre® brand derived from Tracey Mallett.  To insure we uphold the integrity of the program, Carrie Aquino, trained directly with Tracey, and requires all of our barre instructors to be trained and certified through this program


This YogaForKids class is brought to you by Mandy Gobble, 20hour Bright Yogi certified instructor. Ages 5-10 years of age are welcome to attend.

Some of the benefits of this class include:

 Improves memory and cognitive functioning

∙ Improves social relationships

∙ Improves sleep

∙ Improves strength and breath control

∙ Increases determination and perseverance

∙ Improves self-regulation

∙ Improves independence and coping skills

∙ Improves mood

∙ Reduces stress and anxiety

Practicing yoga is something we do for ourselves, as adults, to help us unwind and reduce stress. Let’s do the same for the kids.

Broga®Yoga - Yoga For Men

This one is for the boys... and MEN! This simple, chill and rewarding yoga class is designed to lengthen through the low back by increasing flexiblilty in the hamstrings and hip flexors. BrogaYoga will also increase strength and endurance in turn making sports activities safer by reducing the risk of injury. Young athletes are welcome and highly encouraged to attend this class. 

 As the areas only certified Broga®Yoga studio, we are proud to offer this unique option! 

Aerial Yoga 

Ready to get airborne? Aerial Yoga offers you to get your feet off the ground and become familiar with the aerial silk. This unique style of yoga, you’ll explore some familiar shapes and postures in new planes helping you bend a bit deeper and invert with ease. After a centering warm up, you’ll move through poses that will build upper body & core strength, You’ll cool down with some restorative stretches and perhaps one of the most blissful savasanas floating in the silk.

Our Youth Programs are designed for ages 8+

Our Restorative Program allows those with fear of heights to experience the benefits of the silks combined with Yoga to deepen their practice. 


High Intensity Interval Training 

 is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health and endurance-think of it as strength training for your heart.

In conjunction with Steady State (SS) exercise, (running, cycling, swimming, walking, etc.,) HIIT can help make the activities of daily living easier, such as walking up a flight of stairs or vacuuming.

Cardiorespiratory training also helps to ward off chronic diseases- such as heart disease which is the leading cause of death in Americans. It improves your mental health, as well as lowering your risk of developing some cancers.

All of our HIIT classes incorporate a variety of props including kettlebell, slam balls, chairs, free weights, jump roping and more! These classes are set for 45 minutes! 

orbHIIT is made up of stations of strength and cardio bursts. 2 moves 4 rounds at 1 minute each! 

All levels welcome! 


This class suitable for beginners and beyond, will focus on the traditional and not so traditional kettlebell exercises designed to increase strength, mobility and endurance. We will incorporate fun, unique ways to move your body with a 10lb or 15lb kettlebell for the ultimate full body workout. 


An Evolve Exclusive, this class is going into its 5th consecutive year on our Mansfield Schedule. Move your body through seamless vinyasa flows while synchronizing breath to every movement. This class is perfect for beginners and allows intermediate yogis to slow down and instill focus into their practice. 


Traditional Baptiste Method with focus on strength based poses to heat the entire body. This unique format will build familiarity of yoga poses combined with fun flows to keep you intrigued.  


Another Evolve Exclusive, this class does just what it promises. Melt away the stresses of the day with this candlelit class with complete focus on low back and hips. A 75 degree room temperature allows for comfortable long holds to increase flexibility. 


Previously name Yoga Basics, this class is beginner friendly. Slow Flows will breakdown poses and educate you on when to breath during transitions. Perfect for stress relief and increasing balance and flexibility. 


The perfect balance on heart pumping cardio and all the restorative benefits of yoga. High Intensity Intervals pair up with segments of complimenting yoga poses, creates the ultimate workout. 45 minute class. 

YogaPilates blend

Circa 2003, this creation packs a punch. Take 30 minutes of power yoga flows combined with arm balances and then fire up that core with 30 minutes of traditional Mat Pilates. This is considered an intermediate class, though modifications will be offered for beginners


Refine is a slow paced, control driven class focusing on proper form and execution. Not only will you build strength and improve mobility, but you will learn the key components for effective and safe use of props that you can utilize in all of our classes! 


This vinyasa style power class has everything you need to strengthen, stretch and detox your way to a Rejuvenated mind, body and soul. Our room temperature will be set between 85-90 degrees so bring plenty of water, a sweat towel and some determination